Siri’s Friend

We were all watching the movie version of Charlotte’s Web when the topic of the narrator came up.  I thought the narrator was Bob Newhart.  Kit said it was Sam Shepard (she as right).  Molly asked what we were talking about.  We said it was the voice talking off screen that you can’t see.  Molly said the narrator is probably Siri’s friend.

Siri actually comes up more than you would think in our daily conversations.  Claire and I like to try to stump her or faze her, but she is unflappable.  Claire even gets to be mean to Siri sometimes, which is probably fun since she isn’t mean to anyone else.  And we can always make fun of poor Siri for lazily falling back to “I found this on the web for you.”

Siri just wants to help.
Siri just wants to help.

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