Date with Ikea

We took the kids to Ikea for the first time in years.  Neither Claire nor Molly had any remembrance of it.  When we told them we were going to a furniture store, they we pretty bummed.  Once we explained that it was not just any furniture store, but a big, crazy, Swedish one named Ikea with sample houses you could explore, a cafe, and a huge warehouse, they were sold.  We were just shopping for a few household items, maybe a TROFAST here, or a SKYLTA there.  Don’t forget the BJURSTA and the ÄPPLARÖ/ HÖGSTEN.

Among other treats, Molly was able to spend her first allowance money.  She had earned $4 over the last two weeks doing the standard dishes, shoes, cleanup routine that Claire has been doing.  Molly had been expressing a desire to have some of this stuff called money that Claire keeps buying cool stuff with.  When we first told Molly we would be giving her allowance now, she was thrilled.  The first time she took in her dishes, she held out her hand and said, “Where’s my money?”  Anyways, Molly had $4 to spend.  At Ikea, even $4 goes a long way.  Molly bought four tiny stuffed animals for $2 and saved the other $2.

Molly was just a hair short to get into Småland, the kids’ play aera.  But the girls had a great time exploring the famous “375 Square Foot Home” display, and snuggled up in the little bedroom together.  They also enjoyed Swedish meatballs (Claire) and chicken fingers (Molly) with Lingonberry juice while watching Finding Nemo in the kids lounge.   It was a fun morning shopping for housing goods.  Now that is almost a contradiction in terms, but not at Ikea!

BTW, the name of this message came from the Pavement song of the same name.

One thought on “Date with Ikea

  1. Two weeks later, we asked the kids what they wanted to do for fun on Saturday morning. Claire immediately responded, “Go to Ikea!” We had a few more things to pick up, so I took them there again. The both spent their allowance. Claire got a soft new stuffed Panda bear. Molly spent $1.50 on some plastic clothes hangers. As soon as she got home, she hung a few shirts on her new hangers in the closet.


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