Bedtime Delivery

There is a period of about 10 minutes between tucking Molly into bed and then finishing up Claire’s bedtime story and tucking her in too.  During those 10 minutes, Molly almost always does her daily poop.  It’s to the point where I literally now just expect to change Molly’s diaper when dropping Claire off to bed.  Molly has a poop something like 85% of the time.  You can tell for sure as you walk down the hall towards the girls’ room.  The odor is unmistakable.  I wonder how this will play out if/when Molly finally gets out of diapers.

One thought on “Bedtime Delivery

  1. Okay, last night Molly actually pooped twice while going to bed. On the second one, she said, “I did another BM.” with a sheepish smile on her face.


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