Pencil Sharpeners and Other Hazards

20130624-2Molly is still learning the fine art of common sense.

The other day, she asked me for a band aid for her finger.  Her index finger was bleeding a little bit on the tip, not a lot, but definitely bleeding.  While putting on the band aid, I asked her how it got cut.  She held up a small plastic pencil sharpener and said, “I put it in this thing.”  Yes, Molly had unwittingly sharpened her finger, just a little bit, just until it hurt.  (I mean, what else would you do with a finger-sized hole besides stick a finger in it?  Not put your finger in it?)

Yesterday, while Kit was loading the kids into the car after meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant, Molly was playing with a cigarette lighter.  She had apparently found the functioning lighter on the ground and decided to see if she could make it work in the car.  I was not there, but apparently Kit screamed loud enough to leave a real impression on the kids.

I found Molly wandering the house the other day with a spray bottle of DEET bug spray.  Thankfully by the time I noticed, Molly not sprayed it in her own face or anyone else’s face and had not damaged any furniture.  Maybe it is because we keep telling her that the bug spray hurts eyes really bad and is not for kids.  Or maybe she just couldn’t get the darn thing to work.  We may never know.

Still, Molly is learning.  She had not tried to sharpen her finger again and has laid off the bug spray, so we are getting somewhere.

Claire is not 100% out of the woods either, although she tends to avoid physical injury and focus more on making a mess.  Claire also got her hands on some bug spray, which was packed in her bag for camp.  She managed to pour about 4 ounces of into a plastic bag in the back seat of the car before telling me that it was leaking.  Thankfully, she did not hand it to Molly.

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