Girl Interrupting

Sometimes Molly cannot wait to talk.
Sometimes Molly cannot wait to talk.

If you are having a conversation with someone and Molly is in the room, watch out.  There are good odds that she will suddenly and loudly interrupt you or your companion.  At times is seems like Molly has no regard for the fact that other people are talking.  Even when two people are clearly engaged and carefully listening to each other, Molly will suddenly shout over them something like, “Where’s my lovie?” or “I want to go outside.”

Sometimes Molly will even interrupt you while you are answering a question she asked you.  For example:

Molly: “Can I have a drink?”

You: “Yes, in just a –“

Molly: “Can I have my drink?”

You: “Yes, but we –“

Molly: “But I want a drink.”

We normally take care to tell Molly in a non-angry way that she is interrupting.  She is usually receptive but then does it again.  And again, and again.  To be fair, I do not think Molly is trying to be rude.  She just has something to say and maybe has trouble waiting or else feels like she will have to wait too long to talk.  Sometimes when we ask her to wait to talk, she says, “Is is going to be a long time?”  I think it is not easy being three years old.

To be fair, Molly treats herself the same way.  Sometimes she literally interrupts herself.  “Can we go for a — hey, there’s my lovie!”

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