Mother’s Day / Dance Recital

Today was Mother’s Day, and the day of Molly’s long-awaited dance recital.  Kit’s Uncle Bob and my parents came to visit for the recital (and Mother’s Day).

We all went to Mozart’s on Sunday morning to celebrate Mother’s Day.  It was perfect weather, and everyone was put into a good mood.  Claire, who had been a little grumpy, even noted that it made her feel better to get out to good ol’ Mozart’s.

Molly’s dance recital was crazy.  We didn’t know what we were getting into when we signed her up.  The theme was “Broadway Lullabies”, which was 90 minutes of inspired dance routines, featuring troupes of kids ages 3 (ie, Molly) to maybe 13, all dressed in pretty fancy dance outfits.  This was Molly’s first dance recital.  She did her pliés and twirls admirably, always watching to the side of the stage where her instructor was doing the routine.  Sorry, photography and video shooting was “strictly prohibited” in the performance.  You can buy a DVD if you want to.

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