Hot tub!

We went to a friend’s house to let Claire and Molly play with their own kids, a little younger than Claire and Molly, respectively.  After a rowdy lunch, including multiple spilled drinks, screaming, and food on the floor, we all decided to give their pool a try.  The pool water turned out to be too cold, of all things, so we put everyone in the hot tub.

I did not think the girls would go for the hot tub.  After all, Molly cries and screams at a bath that is even slightly warmer than room temperature.  And Claire doesn’t like her baths much warmer than that.  This would be their first time in a hot tub.  But it turned out to be no problem!  In fact, they loved it.  Molly swam around in the tub, and Claire put on some floaties and put down some apple juice.  Ah, the life!

Hot tubbing!
Claire gets into the hot tub lifestyle

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