Noni’s birthday

The girls’ paternal grandmother, aka Noni, aka my mom, is turning 70 this month.  To celebrate, we took the girls for a weekend trip to Houston.  My brother Tim and his wife Cindy fly in from Virginia.  My mom seemed delighted to have everyone together in the same house, if only for one night.

We had about 24 hours together.  All we did was hang out in the house and at the pool.  There was lots of swimming.  We topped it off with a great birthday feast at Harvest Grille. The girls had lots of fun swimming and playing with Noni’s special toys and crafts.  Molly even enjoyed her new inflatable travel bed (no more Pak ‘n’ Play!).  It really was great getting everyone together, and the car trip was not too bad this time around either.

Below are some pictures.  One of Noni’s friends took some family pictures on Sunday morning, trying to beat in the August sunshine.

Birthday feast

Noni and the girls

Molly asleep on her new travel bed

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