The Opposite of a Diet

This weekend, we stocked up on the following items at the grocery store.

  • Evaporated milk
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Croissants
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Corn syrup
  • Something called “ghee”, which apparently is even more buttery than butter
  • Pudding
  • Super-fat milk
  • Super-fat egg nog
  • And whole-fat “baby” yogurt, which has always been a staple
And I’m sure I left several more uber-fat things off the list.
We purchased these items on the recommendation of Molly’s gastroenterologist, who suggested we try pouring them on, or mixing them into, Molly’s food, or just let her drink them straight in some cases.  The goal is to see if Molly can be fattened up in the next month for her next visit to the doctor.  This is the least intrusive (and indeed, the most enjoyable!) way for Molly to try to get back on the growth chart.  Molly has been hanging below the bottom of the growth chart, around negative -3-5% (is that even theoretically possible?), since she was born, and has even dropped off a bit in the last few months.  Thus the gastroenterologist.
Hopefully with all this gooey fat, Molly will put on some weight in the next month and even hit the 21-pound mark!

One thought on “The Opposite of a Diet

  1. Seriously, Molly's meal last night was so gooey and fatty that it started to turn my stomach. She declined the main course that the rest of us were eating (fish, spinach, etc.) but did partake in a buttered croissant, full-fat vanilla yogurt, straight sweetened condensed milk by the spoonful, and pudding. Kit and I were concerned we are about to create a diabetes case! Actually, we're changing doctors to get a better feel for how this will play out in the long run…


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