We all got to go to our first carnival for Claire’s school tonight!  This was a big, crazy shindig to raise money for the school.  After weeks of volunteer forms, raffles, meetings, and contests, the carnival finally manifested itself tonight between 5:30 and 8:30.  Usually Molly starts to bed at 6:30, and Claire at 7:30, but we went wild tonight and let them stay out for the carnival until about 8:30!

Claire had lots of fun doing a giant, bouncy slide and basically just jumping around and giggling with her friends.  Molly also had fun, but she did not get to actually do a whole other than watch other people have fun, but that was still pretty good.  Molly loved watching the aforementioned giant, bouncy slide, and she yelled and cheered like a cheerleader as each kid come down the slide.

The end of the night included some meltdowns from out tires, weary carnival-goers, as expected for a late, exciting night.  Claire’s happened when the haunted house was closed and we could not go into it, even though lots of people were still in the house at the time.  They had stopped taking in new customers since the wait was an hour, and the fair was going to close before that.  To Claire, this did not seem quite right.  Molly didn’t care about the haunted house, but she was getting tired and cranky in her own right.  So we got home and tossed the kids in bed and discovered that we were exhausted too.  But we had an awfully fun night and pitched in a little bit of money for the school in the process.

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