Messy Molly

Molly is not afraid to get her hands dirty.  Or her face, hair, arms, legs, or feet, for that matter.

Molly and her clothes often comes home from school covered in different colors of (washable) paint.  One time she went to school with a blue shirt, and they did a blue paint “activity” that day.  The teachers tell us that during the day, Molly literally was covered head to toe in blue, and she looked like a Smurf.

Molly’s face and hair are often covered in food (usually yogurt) and snot (or “mucus” as they so politely say at school).  Sometimes her hands and then her face are covered in black tire smudge at the end of a walk in the jogger, thanks to her curious hands, which love to feel the tires.  Then there is sweat, which usually provides an outer moist layer all over her body during the warm months.

But enough words.  Please enjoy this montage of Molly’s greatest messy moments (so far) caught on film.

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