Hamburgers and Philosophy

With Claire off at a camp, I had Molly to myself tonight. We stopped by Wataburger at her special request and took it for a picnic on the way home.

At the Whataburger, Molly launched two riddles at me.

The first was “Are there more wheels or doors?” I asked, “Do you mean, like, in the whole world?”. “Yep!” she said.

Looking out at the parking lot and street, I initially said, “It’s got to be wheels.” But Molly pointed out that while every car has four wheels, it has four doors too. And the office building across the streets easily had hundreds of doors. And cabinets. Also, something about legos. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I was convinced. Doors it is!

At the park, Molly asked if water is wet.

Again, my initial instinct was wrong. 😆. “Of course it’s wet. It’s water.” After some discussion and demonstrations on the picnic table and sidewalk, we decided that water is not wet because “wet” describes a liquid sticking to a solid. Since water is already a liquid, it cannot be wet.

We googled it and found that “Liquid water is not itself wet, but can make other solid materials wet.” 🤯

Finally, I attempted to “get” Molly with the Dichotomy Paradox, which basically says that in theory, you can never walk from one point to another because no matter how far you go, you always still have halfway to go. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Real-world experiments showed that this is obviously false in the real world but true in math. Hmm. 🤔

Anyways, it was fun goofing around talking philosophical 💩 with Molly on this beautiful spring evening.

Mr. Quadrister

Molly has named Mr. Quadrister.  She thought of that name while hopping around being silly the other day.  And the name has name stuck. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Now Claire is Sister Quadrister.

And Molly is Hula Girl.

No, it’s really just Molly

The girls tend to get worked up at night, reaching their peak of silliness and pure volume right before going to bed.  We had always thought of this as the girls “working each other up”.  However, this theory was accidentally put to the test this week when Claire was off to stay with Grammy & Grandaddy in Corpus Christi for a few days of winter break.  As the evidence clearly demonstrates, it is not “the girls” who get worked up.  Molly does it just fine all by herself.  In fact, she may go crazier without Claire than with her.

Robot Night Dance

After enjoying the crazy holiday light show at Mozart’s, the girls were feeling a little frisky walking back to the car.  They are not usually out walking around when it is completely dark outside.  Somehow they stated doing a crazy robot dance in the light of Kit’s phone, and this is what we ended up with.

Getting Clean by Getting Messy

I missed this misadventure personally since I was off working, but apparently Molly and Claire discovered the whiteboard cleaner that had been sitting by their art/whiteboard easel.  The first thing they did was clean the heck out of the whiteboard.  Logical enough, right?  They sprayed it and wiped it, sprayed it and wiped it, until it was absolutely spotless.  Then they decided to clean the floor.  They used up so much cleaner that eventually a small puddle of it formed on the floor beneath them.  By this time, they were giggling and feeling extremely silly, and Molly was sliding around in the cleaner and having trouble getting on her feet.

This was just too much fun, and since they still had some cleaner left, and Molly had the bottle of cleaner, it was up to her to decide what to clean next.  What do you think would be the next logical thing to clean?  A window?  A countertop?  Well, Molly thought her own face would be fun to try.  She pointed the sprayer at herself and repeatedly sprayed the non-toxic cleaner all over her face, much to the delight of herself and Claire.  Apparently there was lots of giggling.  Kit had thought all the giggling was just from playing around, but at this point she went over and had to take the cleaner away.  Molly’s face was clean very clean and, I assume, completely free of dry erase markings.

We were a little concerned, and we checked on Molly throughout the night, but she was fine.  That stuff really is non-toxic, thankfully.  This was as a good reminder not to leave the bug spray laying around!

Messy Molly

Molly is not afraid to get her hands dirty.  Or her face, hair, arms, legs, or feet, for that matter.

Molly and her clothes often comes home from school covered in different colors of (washable) paint.  One time she went to school with a blue shirt, and they did a blue paint “activity” that day.  The teachers tell us that during the day, Molly literally was covered head to toe in blue, and she looked like a Smurf.

Molly’s face and hair are often covered in food (usually yogurt) and snot (or “mucus” as they so politely say at school).  Sometimes her hands and then her face are covered in black tire smudge at the end of a walk in the jogger, thanks to her curious hands, which love to feel the tires.  Then there is sweat, which usually provides an outer moist layer all over her body during the warm months.

But enough words.  Please enjoy this montage of Molly’s greatest messy moments (so far) caught on film.

Bouncing Off the Walls

We were all at home for another extended weekend, this time for the New Year.  This time we did not have the energy or courage to take a day trip like over Thanksgiving, so we just stayed around home. Claire and Molly love staying and just playing at home all day, but sometimes the fun turns into just bouncing off the walls.  One time Claire actually did literally mimic bouncing off the walls, running from one wall to the next, spinning around like a pinball.

One January 2, we found ourselves lounging around the house in the morning just letting little the girls do whatever they want.  Molly ended up sitting in a drawer, contentedly babbling and fiddling with stuff.  Meanwhile, Claire started a zany dance interpretation of a butterfly, jumping up on a stool for a better stage.  Claire does this kind of thing occasionally, but normally she is pretty camera-shy about it.  This may be wise.  Perhaps this post is exactly what she was trying to avoid!  But for whatever reason, she did not mind the camera this time.  See for yourself.