Bouncing Off the Walls

We were all at home for another extended weekend, this time for the New Year.  This time we did not have the energy or courage to take a day trip like over Thanksgiving, so we just stayed around home. Claire and Molly love staying and just playing at home all day, but sometimes the fun turns into just bouncing off the walls.  One time Claire actually did literally mimic bouncing off the walls, running from one wall to the next, spinning around like a pinball.

One January 2, we found ourselves lounging around the house in the morning just letting little the girls do whatever they want.  Molly ended up sitting in a drawer, contentedly babbling and fiddling with stuff.  Meanwhile, Claire started a zany dance interpretation of a butterfly, jumping up on a stool for a better stage.  Claire does this kind of thing occasionally, but normally she is pretty camera-shy about it.  This may be wise.  Perhaps this post is exactly what she was trying to avoid!  But for whatever reason, she did not mind the camera this time.  See for yourself.

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