Molly’s First Trip to Houston

I have been trying to avoid long posts, and I have found that posts about travel and holidays are nearly impossible to keep short.  They can quickly get out of hand, resulting in long, rambling posts (and much lost sleep on my part).  I was reminded of this just recently.

That said, it is worth noting that Molly took her first trip to Houston this weekend, to see my parents.  Claire, of course, came along too.  It was a busy and fun trip.  We accidentally overcommitted on Saturday’s plans, which included two play dates, lunch out, and swimming.  Molly’s favorite activity was probably sorting hair bands into a little plastic bag, which she did for at least an hour.

Molly also made her first trip to Corpus Christi recently, to see Kit’s parents.  I managed to keep that post short too, which was especially easy since I did not actually go on that trip.

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