Musical Maniac

Molly loves listening to music.  On the drive to school, I sometimes put on a few tunes from the Countdown Kids, as I did for Claire when she was a toddler.  They do a nice crisp version of all the kids’ classics, everything from “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” to “Frere Jacques”.  Molly is crazy about this music.  Whenever a song ends, she says “more” repeatedly and quite emphatically, even signing “more” with her hands for emphasis.  Molly’s very favorite song is “Six In a Bed”.  She loves this one so much that she can get pretty mad and frustrated when this song is over, if it is not repeated pretty quickly.

Occasionally I like to listen to grown-up music to teach the kids about sharing and taking turns, and different styles of music.  Plus sometimes I just want to hear a certain song.  Today on the drive home, I had the urge to listen to “Love Reign O’er Me” by The Who.  This is not a kid’s song by any stretch.  In just over five minutes of play, this sad yet uplifting song from 1973 features some discordant instrumentation, some lively strings, some restrained singing, some impassioned yelling, a classic rock groove, and a wild crashing end.  At the end of this odd song, Molly insisted on hearing it again.  “More!” she said, adamantly.  Wow.  I wonder what she would think of Radiohead.

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