Show Time!

At our latest sonogram appointment this last Wednesday, we learned that we will be delivering our new baby a little early.  We are scheduled to induce this coming Wednesday, in fact, about two weeks early.  There is no serious problem, but the sonogram suggested that things may be getting a little bit too tight in there for the baby, and it might be wise to go ahead and induce early.  Not ones to argue against the prudent advice of a doctor, we quickly agreed to the plan.

So that gives us one weekend and a couple of weekdays to roll out the red carpet for the new little baby.  Fortunately, we actually were expecting to have a baby, just not quite this soon.  But we did have a bit of a start on the whole baby thing.

With news of the early delivery, Kit’s parents literally drove half way across the continent from Washington state to Texas in about two days.  They wanted to be here in time to help out with any final preparations and just to support us any way that they could.  At first glance, it may not seem that there would be a whole lot to “do” except sit around and wait for the delivery on Wednesday.  But we wanted to get everything “just so” before the baby comes and everything goes to hell.  If you are going to have a mess on your hands, it at least helps to start out with a good baseline.  We ended up getting the house cleaned stem to stern by a dedicated crew of three maids for three and half hours, we got the cars cleaned and maintained (including an airbag error light), the refrigerator stocked, and countless other details.  Kit arranged her early leave at work.  I tried to get as much done as I could at work before going “off the grid” for a week.  It is not often that you get everything arranged “just so” in life, but we are getting pretty close today.  Based on what people have told us about having a second kid, we really need to get everything squared away if we want any shot at sanity for the first couple of weeks.

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