Coco & Zoey

One of the best things about our new house in Austin is that, by complete coincidence, we are just down the street from some friends of friends names Paulette and Richie.  Paulette and Richie are always having their adorable grandkids over to their house.  Coco and Zoey are about six months younger than Claire, but they are loads of fun.  Claire has been invited over many times to play on Sunday afternoon.  The afternoon is a dream for Claire, who gets to go nuts with the other girls.  There are games and books and snacks.  But mostly there is running around and yelling and just being silly.  It is probably the most fun Claire has all week.

Paulette and Richie are also very nice.  Paulette jokes that, since they live a half mile down our street, I should just pin a note to Claire and send her down on her own.

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