Reign of the Croc

Claire has worn her little pink Crocs almost every day for as long as I can remember. I think she got those Crocs as a present from Grammy last year for Christmas or her birthday, so she has been wearing them for close to a year straight. These little pink rubber Mary Janes have gone from a little big too to a little small for her feet, but they still work great, and after a good rinse they look like new.

But the reign cannot last forever. The venerable shoes finally have a challenger, or two. Claire was looking through her clothes the other day when she discovered a pair of brand new Dora the Explorer shoes we got her a few months ago on sale. They were too big for Claire until now. Claire now likes to wear her Dora shoes as often as her Crocs. She also got a pair of golden slippers — yes, golden slippers — at a consignment sale this weekend. These may be her new favorites! She insists on wearing them with a dress, and loves to dance in them.

With all of this rapid shoe change, I just wanted to give those Crocs a tip of the hat before we forgot about them. It is hard to imagine a better shoe for a little kid, and they seemed like a perfect match for Claire.

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