That’s Quite an Outfit

That’s Quite an Outfit

Molly came home from school in this outfit, a true celebration of unconventional expression, or just strange style, depending on how you look at it.  She got her pants wet and got to choose new pants from her cubby.  She chose these tights, which were sort of accidentally in there to begin with.  The minute I walked in to pick up Molly, the teacher explained to me that Molly had chosen her own outfit.


(By the way, that is the same rainbow shirt that was featured over a year ago in another peculiar outfit.  The shirt was a little too big at the time, but silly looking as always.)

Still feeling unconventional at dinner time, Molly chose to replace her stock dining chair with her own little red one, despite any discomfort is might have caused her.  She stuck with this chair for the whole meal but quietly switched back to the normal chair the next day without a word from anyone.




What a dork!

When Kit got home today, she said Molly looked “really dorky” in her clothes.  Hey, Kit picked out the rainbow shirt.  I just added the purple pants, felt boots, and sloppy pig tails!  She’s adorable! (In a dorky way)

Molly in her dorky outfit
Molly in her dorky outfit. The pom-poms were 100% her idea.
New Year Rock ‘n’ Roll

New Year Rock ‘n’ Roll

Today Claire went to a friend’s house for a New Year’s Day (school is closed) play date. This kid had every musical instrument you could think of. One room was covered in toys as well as a real drum set and various guitars. At first, I assumed the kids had taken over the dad’s old music room, but that was not so. The instruments were intended for the kids.

Anyways, it was a fun time, and I got a couple of interesting pictures of Claire rocking out in her very favorite outfit of late, which just happened to be a great rock ‘n’ roll outfit.

Claire has not shown a lot of interest in actual rock ‘n’ roll music so far, but she has been telling me she wants to be a “church singer”, which I think means singing in a choir.  Still, the choir clothes are not as cool.

Reign of the Croc

Reign of the Croc

Claire has worn her little pink Crocs almost every day for as long as I can remember. I think she got those Crocs as a present from Grammy last year for Christmas or her birthday, so she has been wearing them for close to a year straight. These little pink rubber Mary Janes have gone from a little big too to a little small for her feet, but they still work great, and after a good rinse they look like new.

But the reign cannot last forever. The venerable shoes finally have a challenger, or two. Claire was looking through her clothes the other day when she discovered a pair of brand new Dora the Explorer shoes we got her a few months ago on sale. They were too big for Claire until now. Claire now likes to wear her Dora shoes as often as her Crocs. She also got a pair of golden slippers — yes, golden slippers — at a consignment sale this weekend. These may be her new favorites! She insists on wearing them with a dress, and loves to dance in them.

With all of this rapid shoe change, I just wanted to give those Crocs a tip of the hat before we forgot about them. It is hard to imagine a better shoe for a little kid, and they seemed like a perfect match for Claire.