A Song For Timmy Bob… Bob

A few days ago, Claire and Molly were discussing rock n’ roll versus pop music. ¬†Molly said some song from a Disney movie was rock n’ roll, and Claire no, that was pop. ¬†Then Claire said, “This is rock n’ roll…” and proceeded to ad lib a weird song about someone named “Timmy Bob Bob”. ¬†The song had with power chords (yes, very rock n’ roll) and a chorus¬†of “I love you, I love you!”.

The song just killed me, and Claire repeated it many more time over the next few days.  I eventually caught one on video so you can enjoy it too.

There has not yet been any explanation for the name “Timmy Bob Bob”, and no, it is not “Jimmy Bob Bob”, says Claire.

Molly Turns 5!

Molly turned five years old today!  Way to go, Molly.  We love you!

Instead of a blog post, I put together a quick video montage of her birthday, which was a regular school day followed by present opening (mostly Frozen (movie) stuff) and a special pancake dinner at Kerby Lane Cafe.

Claire’s MLP Video Series

Claire has been wanting to start her own YouTube channel, focused on acting out stories with her My Little Pony toys.  We finally got in online!

Here is the¬†first¬†creation in Claire’s¬†series, which is a story straight from Claire’s imagination with a running time of about 15 minutes. ¬†Claire was the “idea man” in this effort, writing and acting out the concept. ¬†I did the camera work and editing. ¬†Claire has been working on other concepts with her nanny, Jackie.

Claire¬†calls her channel¬†My Little Pony Mysteries and More. ¬†The “mysteries” part refers to her plan to open “blind bags” for some of her videos. ¬†I am hoping to get Claire into stop animation and do some extra cool stuff.

Claire is a huge fan of “collector” channels on YouTube, like¬†Disney Collector and¬†Bin’s Toy Bin. ¬†Forget boring old TV, Claire is glued exclusively to these niche channels (and My Little Pony). ¬†She even sent a fan latter to Bin and hopes it will be read on YouTube next week.

MLP Pool Party

This the very first My Little Pony video created by Claire! ¬†She had worked on the concept for a few days and decided to jump in and do it this afternoon. ¬†Claire’s first lesson learned is to try to find a way to keep her arms out of the camera view as much as possible.

Update (June 20, 2014)

Amazingly, this video has now has 2,071 views!  There are 8 thumbs up and 10 thumbs down.  Claire was a little bumbed about the down votes but has mostly moved on to her newer videos.

By comparison, my own videos for my little app company struggled to get over 100 views.

Update (October 8, 2014)

Wow, this video is up to¬†66,167 views! ¬†We still have no idea how this video got so popular, except that it is the twelfth video listed on youtube when you search for “my little pony pool party”. ¬†Being¬†number 12 on youtube is pretty damn good!

Awkwardly, this video is actually on my own youtube account and¬†is by far my own most popular¬†video. ¬†I have 89¬†subscribers now thanks to¬†Claire’s video. ¬†Judging by¬†their icons, most of my fans¬†are¬†My Little Pony¬†enthusiasts. ¬†


Claire & Molly’s Santa List 2013

Molly decide to start a naughty & nice Christmas list for Santa Claus. ¬†Claire got into the idea. ¬†She wrote down all the items on the list and added some of her own. ¬†Molly’s list is dominated by things or people from school (naughty) and princesses (nice). ¬†Claire’s list of full of My Little Pony characters (all nice).

Hard (and Funny) Landing

Claire’s first grade class had an end-of-the-year party this afternoon. ¬†The entire two hours was all about the gigantic inflatable water slide in her classmate’s yard. ¬†The kids came up with just about every possible variation on sliding down short, steep a water slide. ¬†Eventually they got too creative, and some of us parents had to ban head-first slides, etc.

I just happened to catch this gem on video.  Everyone was okay.  It was one of many, many collisions, and it went largely unnoticed even by Claire and that poor boy.  But it sure was hilarious to watch over and over later at home on the big TV with the whole family.

BTW, Claire says that the boy she rammed into with her bottom had earlier told Claire that her face was beautiful.  And this is how Claire re-pays him!