Claire’s MLP Video Series

Claire has been wanting to start her own YouTube channel, focused on acting out stories with her My Little Pony toys.  We finally got in online!

Here is the first creation in Claire’s series, which is a story straight from Claire’s imagination with a running time of about 15 minutes.  Claire was the “idea man” in this effort, writing and acting out the concept.  I did the camera work and editing.  Claire has been working on other concepts with her nanny, Jackie.

Claire calls her channel My Little Pony Mysteries and More.  The “mysteries” part refers to her plan to open “blind bags” for some of her videos.  I am hoping to get Claire into stop animation and do some extra cool stuff.

Claire is a huge fan of “collector” channels on YouTube, like Disney Collector and Bin’s Toy Bin.  Forget boring old TV, Claire is glued exclusively to these niche channels (and My Little Pony).  She even sent a fan latter to Bin and hopes it will be read on YouTube next week.

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