MLP Pool Party

This the very first My Little Pony video created by Claire!  She had worked on the concept for a few days and decided to jump in and do it this afternoon.  Claire’s first lesson learned is to try to find a way to keep her arms out of the camera view as much as possible.

Update (June 20, 2014)

Amazingly, this video has now has 2,071 views!  There are 8 thumbs up and 10 thumbs down.  Claire was a little bumbed about the down votes but has mostly moved on to her newer videos.

By comparison, my own videos for my little app company struggled to get over 100 views.

Update (October 8, 2014)

Wow, this video is up to 66,167 views!  We still have no idea how this video got so popular, except that it is the twelfth video listed on youtube when you search for “my little pony pool party”.  Being number 12 on youtube is pretty damn good!

Awkwardly, this video is actually on my own youtube account and is by far my own most popular video.  I have 89 subscribers now thanks to Claire’s video.  Judging by their icons, most of my fans are My Little Pony enthusiasts.  


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