Taking it to the Streets

America collectively gasped as Donald Trump was actually inaugurated as president of the United States.  A miracle did not happen to stop this, and it did not turn out to be a big prank.  Fulfilling an absurdist joke from The Simpsons, Trump is actually now our president.  Otherwise calm and happy people took to the streets, and kids in Claire’s fifth grade class are riled up and talking about politics and now planning to run for office one day as Democrats.  They are totally serious about this.

The girls went to an anti-Trump rally with their mom and a friend.  Way to go, kids!  It’s your first political protest.  And you’re only kids!  Gotta love the response people are having to this weird turn of history.

Molly, in first grade and ever the optimist, says we should give Trump a chance.  “C’mon, guys!  You never know.  He could be alright.”  She is adamant about this point.  Wait and see how it turns out before judging, she says.  I really do like her instinct.  With any luck, maybe she’ll be right.  But so far, it does not look good.

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