Trail of Lights 2016, aka Death March 2016

I took Claire and Molly over to the Trail of Lights just before Christmas this year.  I love the Trail of Lights in theory, but so far it always turns out to be an exhausting death march, even this year it was just a short walk from my place.  We waited through an extraordinarily long and fast line to get in and waited in an extraordinarily slow line for food at the Chi’ Lantro trailer, where we had to settle for kimchi fries instead of chicken wings.  The final insult was dessert at another trailer, where Molly and I got pretty good ice cream sandwiches, while Claire opted for the “warm chocolate brownie”, which turned out to be a cold chocolate cookie.  We got back home late and with our energy and senses utterly exhausted.  Still, I’m glad we made the effort, and at least it wasn’t cold the year.

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