Barking Springs and Sno Beach

Almost every weekend this summer, the girls andI have gone to our favorite hangout: Barking Springs.  A cold, rocky, slippery, green water paradise downstream from Baron Springs pool, this shallow swimming spot is a favorite for dogs and all kinds of people.  We walk over there and join the families, dog owners, slackers, fitness nuts, teenagers, and people on dates for an afternoon of splashing and floating in the water, and trying not to hurt ourselves or drown.  We had a 100% success rate this year on not drowning, but we did see a couple of other people almost drown, including a toddler in a floaty that got away from her parents, so that was a disturbing lesson to see in person.  Within five seconds on trouble, about a dozen people were scrambling to help the bobbing toddler, and they got her out safely.  One of the great things about Barton Springs is that everyone is nice and in a good mood.  You just can’t help it there!

The we run things is to go to the flat cement part on the west side of the river and wade into the current coming from the waterfall.  We float downstream for a while and do it again, trying not to trip and kill ourselves in the process of getting out of the river.  Sometimes we invite a friend of Claire’s to come along, which makes it even more fun.  Managing three kids at Barking Springs is not easy, but it does make the day more fun.

On the walk home, we always stop by Sno Beach, a snow cone stand that makes the best snow cones in town.  It makes for the perfect summer day.

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