Bringin’ in the Easel

We cleaned up the back yard today, and in the process discovered the old art easel that had been forgotten out on the back patio for a while.  It was covered in dust and pollen.  The girls took it upon themselves to bring it inside and refurbish it.  They tackled this job with enthusiasm.  I did nothing but give them some rags and cleaner.  Molly and Claire got the easel in perfect shape, carefully wiping it down, removing every bit of dust and pollen and arranging the easel in its old spot.

Once the easel was in place, they put it to work.  Claire started drawing on the whiteboard side, and Molly took over the opposite blackboard side.  Claire draw a bunch of random cute things and titled it “Random Art”, and Molly drew a house.  It is amazing how far Molly’s art skill has progressed.  It really looks like a house!  And it even has some writing on it.  Here is the fruit of their labors.



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