T-Shirt Idea

Molly has plenty of silly things to say these days, but she is not the only one.  Claire can get pretty silly too.  Here’s an example from the last few nights over dinner.

Claire has invented a character of a little girl, probably toddler-aged, who demands that her parents take her all over the world to collect random t-shirts.  She wants to go to California to get a “California Cafe” t-shirt with a picture of a muffin on it.  From Hawaii, she wants an “I Heart Hawaii” t-shirt with a picture of a pineapple wearing sunglasses.  She wants to go to Paris for a shirt that has picture of the Eiffel Tower and says “Paris!”.  She says “teeeeeeeeee” over and over until she gets the t-shirt.  And you cannot order these t-shirts from Amazon; no, you have to go get them.

Tonight, Claire came up with an extra silly t-shirt idea that had her laughing so hard she could barely breath.  It says “Ooooooooooh my gosh!” in big brown letters on an orange short.  And then at the bottom in small print it says, “Pakistan”.

Pakistan t-shirt mockup
Mockup of Claire’s t-shirt idea

She loves the addition of “Pakistan”.  We have been listening to Malala Yousafza’s book I am Malala recently and taking about it a lot.  This is what made her think of Pakistan.  What made her think of the other parts, I will never understand.

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