T-Shirt Idea

T-Shirt Idea

Molly has plenty of silly things to say these days, but she is not the only one. ¬†Claire can get pretty silly too. ¬†Here’s an example from the last few nights over dinner.

Claire has¬†invented a character of a little girl, probably toddler-aged, who demands that¬†her parents take her all over the world to collect random t-shirts. ¬†She wants to go to California to get a “California Cafe” t-shirt with a picture of a muffin on it. ¬†From Hawaii, she wants an “I Heart Hawaii” t-shirt with a picture of a pineapple wearing sunglasses. ¬†She wants to go to Paris for a shirt that has picture of the Eiffel Tower and¬†says “Paris!”. ¬†She says “teeeeeeeeee” over and over until she gets the t-shirt. ¬†And you cannot order these t-shirts from Amazon; no, you have to go get them.

Tonight, Claire came up with an extra silly t-shirt¬†idea that had her laughing so hard she could barely breath. ¬†It says “Ooooooooooh my gosh!” in big brown letters on¬†an orange short. ¬†And then at the bottom in small print it says, “Pakistan”.

Pakistan t-shirt mockup
Mockup of Claire’s t-shirt idea

She loves the addition of “Pakistan”. ¬†We have been listening to Malala Yousafza’s book I am Malala recently and taking about it a lot. ¬†This is what made her think of Pakistan. ¬†What made her think of the other parts, I will never understand.

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