Molly Words

Picture of MollyNow at age five, Molly does not say a whole lot of words completely wrong any more.  But she does have a couple of oddities.

  • Molly calls pretzels “prentzels”.  It sounds really funny when she says it.
  • She calls a toilet plunger a “plumber”.
  • Toxic is “toskic”.  Plus for Molly, “toskic” and “non-toskic” are interchangeable.

But Molly is new enough to the language that she does not find this video about funny foods names very funny.  Claire and I crack up at “speggy and merbles”, but Molly seems to think that sounds just about right.  She doesn’t laugh one little bit.

On a side note, Molly did get one word just right, and not a good one.  It was a word that would normally get her in a lot of trouble but was funny this one time.  One morning before school, Molly was getting frustrated putting her jacket on, and she said very clearly and seriously, “I can’t get this f**king jacket on!” Oh, you had to be there.  It was so funny I had to run out of the room to laugh into my hand just to avoid encouraging her.  Claire and I giggled about that one for a while.

And yet she still can’t say “pretzel”.  Go figure.

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