Top Things You Should Know About Claire, by Claire

For her book club, Claire and her friend had to compile a list of things people should know about them.  Here is Claire’s list.  Our Claire is a little hard on herself.

  1. Sometimes I’m mean to my sister.
  2. I love to sketch because I can get all my ideas out.
  3. Sometimes I watch too much TV.
  4. I think I’m bad at math.
  5. I love my family because they use their time and money to keep me alive.
  6. I love sleepovers because I get real time with my friends.
  7. The color blue makes me confused.

I asked Claire about the last one, and she said she didn’t know what she said the color blue confuses her.  But we talked about it a bit, and we decided that Blue is confusing because really dark navy blue and really light baby blue are almost completely different colors.

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