End of an Emler

After several years of swimming, Claire has finally graduated from Emler Swim School.  She knows all the strokes, and they have nothing left to teach her.  Claire can really, really swim now.  Mission accomplished.

Elmer has been a major part of our routine over the last few years, ever since she started there back in 2011.  Claire has gone to countless classes there.  She had a birthday party there.  Elmer even became a fun part of our Tuesday routine for a while, back before homework took over all weekdays after school.  Since then it was a major part of our Friday nights routines, along with meeting Maddie and Kamile’s family at Jason’s Deli across the street before swimming.

Molly still has time left at Elmer, but it won’t be the same without Claire diving in too.  Seriously, though, they taught Claire a lot.  That girl can swim.

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