Halloween 2014

Halloween fell on a Friday this year.  Claire had been asking to have some friends sleep over for several weeks, and we decided to go for it on Halloween.  Why not get all the craziness over in one night?

So Claire’s friend Susie came trick-or-treating with Claire and Molly and us parents.  Claire’s friend Dylan had trick-or-treating commitments in her neighborhood a few blocks away but joined us afterwards for the sleepover.

We did not expect anything but a lot of sugar- and friend-powered zaniness, and that is what we got.  Many giggles were heard from Claire’s room.  Her and Molly’s toys were spread all over the floor, so much so that they girls could not find anywhere to put the sleeping bags, so they all ended up sleeping in the hallway around 10:30 pm.  Dylan got a lollipop stuck in her hair, which our dog Muffin tried to lick while Dylan was sleeping on the floor.  Muffin also stole some of Dylan’s candy, which was on the floor too.

Molly got to sleep on the inflatable mattress in our bedroom, which she always enjoys despite of protests of “no fair” that she had to go to sleep before Claire and her friends.

The next morning there was a lot of running around, and candy wrappers could be found all over the house.  The girls proposed to all take a bath together.  That was too much; someone was going to get hurt in the tub or just drip water allover the house.  And Kit and Molly were leaving for a Pre-K family gathering right around then.  So the girls settled for making a haunted house out of cardboard in the back yard.  It had fake candles, ketchup for blood, the whole works.  They even put together a “play” about the haunted house complete with a storm and lightening.

Claire would spend the afternoon over at Susie’s house, making their time together over 24 hours.  They even pushed for a second sleepover at Susie’s that night, or at least dinner.  They had to settle for lunch together at Thundercloud with Susie’s dad and then back to much needed rest time with their families.

Well, Halloween doesn’t fall on the weekends that often, and I think we made the most of it!

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