Zoo Donation

Picture of MollyToday, Molly donated all of her money to the Austin Zoo.  The zoo was recently burglarized for an estimated $30,000 in cash and equipment.  We discussed helping the zoo as a family, and Molly decided to donate all of the $14 she had saved up from her allowance.  Molly asked if the zoo would need any more money after her donation.  She was slightly disappointed to hear that it would still need more money, but we assured her that her generous donation was making a difference.

Claire is generous in spirit but is desperately saving up for some My Little Pony stuff.  She has $7 and really needs a few more dollars for some stuff for her MLP videos.  With some real shopping and budgeting experience under her belt, Claire is all too aware of the value of a dollar.  To her credit, Claire had sent several dollars to Winter the dolphin a while back.

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