Frozen cast poster
The much loved characters of Frozen

The movie Frozen is a pretty big deal, at least with little girls.  The movie was released in theaters five months ago and seems to have only picked up steam since.  It probably helps that it’s now on iTunes and DVD.  Anyways, this movie definitely ranks as a favorite — no, the favorite — movie for both Claire and Molly.

We have had endless discussions about “Who do you like better, Anna or Elsa?” or “What’s your favorite song in Frozen?” or “What character do you think I am in Frozen?”  On the drive back from Corpus Christi this weekend, Claire and Molly watched Frozen in the car.  When they weren’t watching Frozen, Molly was singing it.  “The snow glows white on the mountain tonight…” she always starts quietly.  Molly seems to know most of the words.  Claire started a series of family votes on who were our favorite characters (Anna won overall), favorite songs, etc.  At first, Molly thought Elsa was a “bad guy”, but Claire has slowly convinced her that Elsa is not bad, she has a good heart but she just has a problem to deal with.  Molly doesn’t understand that, but she believes Claire.

We had a babysitter last weekend, and she told us that every single girl under the age of 13 who she sits has been singing Frozen songs, mostly Let It Go.  She says it’s a “phenomenon”.  I found myself at an after-school dinner for Molly’s school, sitting with Claire, Molly, and another dad from Molly’s class.  He went on about Frozen, complete with trivia (the main character names came from the name  “Hans Christian Andersen”, etc.)

There is also a backlash.  At a second grade roller skating party, the skating rink played the song Let It Go, and all the girls sang along.  But all the boys apparently took of their roller-skates, slid around on their socks, and screamed in protest.  There is also Let It Go Goes With Everything, which shows just how generic (but still lovely) that song is.

Claire seems to enjoy my personal take on Anna vs. Elsa, which is that Anna is a true optimist and person of action who is always trying to make things better, while Elsa just runs to the nearest mountain to sing a song about how sad and misunderstood she is.  Boo hiss, Elsa!  😉  Claire thinks it is funny that Elsa sings on three separate occasions the words “Conceal, don’t feel…”  Okay, we shouldn’t be too hard on the cursed, orphaned ice queen.  I’m just saying we get it, already, Elsa.  It’s time to move on!

Anyways, Frozen is the only thing to really break through the My Little Pony stranglehold for Claire in the past several months, and that is really saying something.  I mean, occasionally Claire likes to watch Frozen, although MLP still forms the core of her entertainment universe.

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