The Opposite of Sleeping

Molly has been doing pretty well sleeping in the same room as Claire.  Molly is letting Claire get to sleep, and after quietly “reading” leftover magazines (Austin Family, Parent & Child) and catalogs (Oriental Trading Company, Pottery Barn Kids) for a while, Molly gets to sleep eventually too.

But a new round of bedtime madness has come up recently.  This round involves not just being loud and keeping Claire awake, but some rather rude behavior too.  While Claire is trying to get to sleep, Molly has tried everything to keep her awake, including hitting Claire with a magic wand, hitting her with her lovie, stealing Claire’s blankets and stuffed animals, and finally last night, spitting on her.  Yes, spitting.  Sometimes Claire partakes in some silly talk and giggling, but this aggressive stuff pushes her over, and she comes to get us for help.  We think maybe Molly did not initially realize that spitting is not okay, but now she does.

Molly playing at the park.
Molly would rather be doing this.

When things get bad, it’s “guest room city” for Molly.  That phrase usually makes the girls giggle.  So Molly has been moved into the guest room a lot lately to sleep.  Molly takes “all 72 of her magazines”, as I call her stack, and settles down pretty quickly when in there alone.  And Claire falls asleep within a few minutes.

With Kit on vacation, Molly has been able to sleep in late (7:00 or so) for the last couple mornings.  We think this is making her less tired and more aggressive at night.  Molly got up early with Claire like usual today, even a little early at 6:05 for Claire’s before-school handwriting club, and hopefully it’s not guest room city tonight.

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