2013 in Review

For the first time since Molly was born, this year we finally included a “year in review” letter with our Christmas card for friends and family.  The previous three years featured only a picture (nice and easy!), but this year, Kit picked a Christmas card which had space for some text.  Just a little space, actually.  It turned out to be a challenge to fit all of 2013 into a few sentences.  Brevity is the soul of wit, and what not.  So here it is: 365 days in 126 words.



2013 provided us with literally no dull moments.  Molly (age 4) amuses us and confuses us every day.  She is by far the smallest and loudest member of our family.  Claire (age 8) is a patient and kind big sister and a My Little Pony aficionado. Claire started 2013 believing adamantly in fairies and ended the year wistfully wishing they were real. Kit continues to practice pathology.  We keep reminding ourselves that pathology is a family-friendly specialty.  Pat still works for Verizon and has moved into mobile apps.  Other skills mostly involve shuttling kids around town.  When not keeping Austin weird, travels this year have taken us to London, Chicago, and both Washintgon’s (DC & WA).

Happy 2014 to all!


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