Claire turns 8!

Claire’s birthday fell on the day after Thanksgiving this year.  For the first time in years, we went to Corpus Christi for Thanksgiving this year, and we all stayed and celebrated Claire’s birthday down by the Bay.  All four of Claire’s grandparents were there as well as (great) Uncle Bob.

As you see in the photos, Molly was crying for Claire’s official candle-blowing-out.  She had been asked to vacate the seat at the head of the table to make room for Claire.  Molly did not agree or consent to this plan and let us know.  Later, Molly made up a brief story, possibly as a sort of apology.  She said the main character was Jonny Jakes.  The story was called “Jonny Jakes, for Heaven’s Sakes!”  In the brief story, Johnny Jakes messed up his big sister’s birthday party by making a scene.  Everyone said, “Jonny Jakes, for Heaven’s Sakes!” and Jonny was sorry.  The end.

Presents included two nearly identical My Little Pony Rainbow Dash dolls.  It was a clear and obvious choice!  We later exchanged one Rainbow Dash for Pinky Pie.  Claire also got a big Playmobil Santa’s workshop.  Uncle Tim mailed in a painting set with dolphin scenes, thus combining the recommended topics of art and dolphins.

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