Second Grade Thanksgiving Musical

Claire on stage.

The second grade put on a fabulous Thanksgiving show today.  They played a half-hour musical to a cafeteria packed with parents.    The performance involved a Thanksgiving crisis as the turkeys decided to go on strike this year.  The arbiters and mediators tried to hammer out a solution.  The cranberries and squash fought for a new place in the middle of the table.  In the end, they kids all sang “It’s not about turkey, it’s not about Thursday, it’s not about the big game.  We call it Thanksgiving because it’s thanks that we’re giving…”  It was a great message and extremely cute.

Claire was cast as “a public”.  So she got to dress as an adult and sing as part of the general public.  She was a little bummed about the less-than-glamorous role, but she did get to appear and sing a little.  The next day, Claire asked me what my second favorite part of the play was.  Obviously my favorite part was Claire’s bit, but what did I like after that?  I told her it was the singing cranberries.  Claire said she liked them too.

If there is anything more adorable than a second grade Thanksgiving musical, then I can’t think of it, not even a cute little baby.  Babies drool and puke.  Second graders sing their hearts out and try to make you smile.

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