Molly says that when someone puts their mouth in a circle, it means “Huh?”. She pointed this out in a couple of pictures from her books, with a someone wearing a small circle for their mouth and looking a little confused.

Actually, “Huh?” may be Molly’s favorite new word.  She says it pretty often, and in such a funny way, always with a playful element of surprise and a high pitch at the end.  She’ll get in her car seat and seconds hold up a coloring book and say “Huh?” , as in “I didn’t know that’s where this was!”  Or put her shoes on backwards and say “Huh?”  Last night Molly stuck her head in the laundry hamper and said “Huh?”.  It’s not clear what that was about.

Anyways, I wish I could capture it on video, but it’s much to quick to get.  This photo will have to suffice.  Huh?

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