Anacortes 2013

The trip to Washington State to see Grammy and Grandaddy and their boat is best captured in the pictures.  Actually, I am coming back to write this so much later that I forget many of the funny or interesting things I was going to say.  Hopefully the large collection of pictures tells the story.

A few notes that I can still remember…

  • Molly loved having a boat named after her.  Molly called it “The Molly and Claire” even though it is really “The Molly Claire”.
  • Molly in her life jacket looked a little like Mike Wazowski, the funny little green guy from Monster’s Inc.  She was small with a round torso and two little legs sticking out the bottom.  Fortunately, Molly did have two eyes, though.
  • The girls got to spend a couple nights on the boat while in dock.  We had been concerned about water safety, but all went smoothly.  Grammy basically had a hand on the girls the whole time.
  • Molly loves being on top of the boat in the wind.
  • We saw some sea lions hanging around the marina, which was really exciting, esp. for Claire.
  • We took the boat out for a couple of day trips to play around on some islands in the San Juans.
  • We spent a few hours at a beach throwing (“chucking”) the plentiful beach rocks into the water.  Grammy and I had a lot of fun trying to hit a driftwood target out in the water.  Eventually Claire got tired of this and protested, “You know, there’s more to life than chucking rocks!”
  • We saw Grammy Marvel’s childhood house and the Ballard Locks in Seattle
  • The kids did pretty well flying out and back, but by the end, Claire was no longer as enthusiastic about flying as she had one been.  In fact, she was somewhat hostile to the idea of taking another long(ish) flight any time soon.  Lucky for her, this was her last flight for a while.
  • We were all pretty well wiped out when we got back and used Sunday at home to refit and recover from our vacation, just like on our trip to the other Washington.

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