Tuesday: The Best Day of the Week

Claire says that Tuesday is her favorite day of the week.  Yes, Tuesday.

First of all, Claire has “specials” in school on Tuesdays: either Spanish or computer, both of which she enjoys.  Then, Claire rides the bus home on Tuesdays (and Fridays) instead of staying at Extend-a-Care.  This is the schedule that Claire has requested.  Claire likes EaC, where she gets to play on the playground with her friends, do arts & crafts, etc.  But she also likes to come home early on the bus and  just relax.  On bus days, she’ll come home, have a snack, watch a little TV, and then get busy on a drawing project while I finish up work in my home office until about 5:00.  Usually Claire and I work in quiet peace, but occasionally there is some frustration on both sides about needing something / needing to focus on work.

A little after 5:00, it is off to pick up Molly at day care.  Then we all head over to Jason’s Deli, still the girls’ favorite place to eat.  While Molly enjoys cheese pizza, Claire enjoys a salad bar or hot dog, and I indulge in a Pollo Mexicano, Kit magically shows up.  It is just a built-in assumption now that we are eating at Jason’s on Tuesday evenings, and Kit heads straight over from work.

Then usually Claire and I head over to the swim school across the street while Kit (who arrived after us) and Molly (who eats slowly) finish up at Jason’s and head home for bed.  Claire is enrolled in a swimming class, but since she is the only one in the class right now,  she basically has private lessons with Mr. Andrew.  Claire and Andrew work hard and have lots of fun (jumping, throwing, plashing games between laps).  Claire has developed a really nice back stroke and is working on going straight.  Then it is straight home and off to bed.

Ah yes, Tuesdays… specials, bus, chilling at home, Jason’s, swimming.  It just can’t be beat!

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