All Over the Place

Normally our weeks follow a pretty steady and predictable rhythm based around work and school.  The days are busy, planned down to the minute at spots, and each day feels like a sprint that you can never quite win.  But the basic routine is there.  Except for this week, which was a little different…

On Sunday, we meet Noni, Grandpa Phil, and even Uncle Tim in Round Top.  Tim was in Houston for a conference and had Sunday off, so we decided to meet him for lunch at Scotty & Friends in Round Top, midway between Austin and Houston.  After lunch, we explored grounds of Festival Hall before heading home for Molly’s nap.  It was really great to get the girls together with everyone, especially Uncle Tim on his visit to Texas.  Tim and Claire made a sweet pair, as always.

On Tuesday, Kit and I went to a fundraiser through Kit’s job at a fancy house in the hills overlooking Austin.  Kit’s parents arrived that day to babysit for the night.  The event was based on the movie Bernie, and we got to meet some of the real people that the story is based on as well as chat with director Richard Linklater.  Now Rick is not just any old director.  Besides Bernie, he has made some of my favorite movies ever, especially Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.  It was so cool to get to just chat with him for a few minutes.

On Thursday evening, it was off to Chicago while Grammy and Granddaddy watched the kids back home.  Kit had a conference in Chicago, and I got to tag along.  Our plane dodged thunderstorms as flew in to Chicago, which was flooding as we landed.  The next day was cool and rainy, but we still got to use our great Cubs tickets.  We huddled under coats and umbrellas in a very light crowd, which I believe is rare for a Cubs home game, and which will tell you about the weather.  The next day was cold and windy.  During the day , I did lots of lots of exploring on foot, and some work on my apps.  As Kit and I explored Michigan Avenue at night, snow flurries began to fall and fly horizontally through the bitter winds.  It was still fun, and I got an amusing picture of Kit, but it was a bit much.  We net up with our college friend Asma on Saturday for a great night on the town full of sushi, piano bars, an outrageously overpriced dessert bar, and lots of cab rides.  The next morning, it was time for a crisp walk up through Lincoln Park and back, and then flying back home in the afternoon.

The next morning, back in Austin, it was no more art deco hotels, fine food, and freezing winds.  It was just getting the kids up at 6:30 and off to school like usual.  It was sort of strange.  Chicago, the fundraiser in the Westlake hills, and Round Top all seemed like their distinct little islands that we visited briefly, and now we are back to our own crazy little world.

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