Art champion!

First place picture

Claire entered her school’s optional art contest a few weeks ago.  The assignment for the art contest was to create a picture of the Austin skyline or a local landmark.  The contest started the week before Spring Break and was due the Thursday after Spring Break.  For her subject, Claire picked the University of Texas tower.  Claire kept wavering on actually doing the project.  She always had something else to do, and it was in danger of becoming another homework-type struggle if we pushed it too hard.  So we just gently reminded her about the contest every couple of days, even going so far as to say she could just skip it since it’s just for fun.  Over Spring Break, we sent Claire off to Corpus Christi with a photo of the UT tower and the official contest paper.  Claire came home with nothing.

Then, two nights before her art submission was due, Claire decided to focus on it.  She got far on her initial ideas but ran out of time the first night.  On the second — and last — night, Claire got into a really good groove after dinner.  She asked, “Does it have to look exactly like the tower?” to which we said no, you just have to be able to tell it is the tower.  Claire got excited and started adding bright new colors to the tower itself and imagined details around the base of the tower.  She worked hard on it up to and past bed time, giving up her nightly story time to finish the picture.  She got to bed 30 minutes late but with an awesome picture to take in the next day.

We found out today that her picture won first place for first grade!  Claire was so proud and excited.  As a prize from the school, she received a compact art kit, containing paint, colored pencils, oil pastels, and more.

Way to go, Claire!

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