Molly used to say “Ouwee!” when she got hurt.  She prefers it to a simple “Ouch!” — it has more impact.  But recently, the phrase “Ouwee!” has morphed into a more general complaint, sort of like other people might say, “Ugh!”.  It no longer has anything to do with getting hurt.  Or maybe it just has to do with feelings getting hurt.

This has become a slight problem at times.  For instance, the other day I changed Molly’s clothes in the changing room after her swim lesson.  Everyone in the swim school could hear Molly yelling, “Ouwee!” behind the closed door when she became upset about putting on her diaper.  When we came out of the small enclosure, a friend of ours looked concerned and said, “Is she okay?”.   I said something lame like, “Oh yeah, she does that all the time” and hurried off.

It doesn’t take much to prompt an “Ouwee!” from Molly.  Yesterday, Kit literally sneezed and Molly yelled “Ouwee!”

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