New Year Magic Charlie Brown

Last fall, around her third birthday, Molly discovered the joy of television, but only if it was a Charlie Brown show.  Now in the new year, she is still locked on Charlie Brown.  Kit recorded the New Year special, “Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!” a few weeks ago.  Molly loves this show and always calls it, “Magic New Year Charlie Brown.”  As such, she seems to think that the character Charlie Brown is actually named Magic Charlie Brown, perhaps from mis-parsing her previous favorite, “It’s Magic, Charlie Brown!”, apparently interpreting the title as “It’s that guy named Magic Charlie Brown.”  At first, we corrected Molly on the name of the show, but now we all sort of enjoy calling it “New Year Magic Charlie Brown”.

Molly had a nanny recently, and while I was working, I heard Molly ask to watch “New Year Magic Charlie Brown”, to which her nanny replied, “What’s a Magic Charlie Brown?”  After attempting in vain to explain that Magic Charlie Brown is on the big black thing on the wall (the TV), Molly eventually gave up and moved on to playing puzzles with the confused nanny.

Molly still refuses to watch any television show that does not involve Charlie Brown and the gang.  I have to admit, we are all kind of hooked on the various Peanuts holiday specials, whether in season or not.

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