Inside Out and Backwards Molly

mcgkids28-20130104Somehow Molly ended up wearing this outfit to school today.  She picked it out herself, and she was so proud.  While getting dressed, Molly indicated that she wanted to wear bloomers with her leggings, and skip the skirt.  Oh yeah, and the bloomers go on the outside.

This outfit is a physical testament to Molly’s contrariness.  She loves things to go different than how they are supposed to go, especially clothes.  She often likes to wear her shoes backwards, intentionally swapping left and right shoes.  One time she asked to wear her shoes backwards, meaning with the front on the back.  Alas, it did not work.  Molly often wears bloomers to bed.  The other night, she wanted to wear them backwards.  She even started to say she wanted to wear them upside down but, on visible reflection, stopped herself.  She has learned enough to realize that, like the shoes, would not work.  Darn physics!

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