Full Moon Fever

Full Moon

Claire continues to be scared by supernatural stories from her friend Sophia at school.  Since tonight was a full moon, she was told, she had to do the following to protect herself at bedtime:

  • Leave some chopped garlic with butter in her bedroom to ward off vampires (why not toss in some onions and sauté for the start of a tasty recipe?)
  • Leave a light on to scare off werewolves
  • Leave the door shut to keep out ghosts

On Halloween night at midnight, she is also supposed to run into our room, throw herself under our sheets, and scream, then go back to bed.  This will protect her from rampaging trick-or-treaters, I gather.

After making it clear that we do not believe in vampires, werewolves, or ghosts, we let Claire indulge in a little garlic, a small light, and a shut door.  But this is for full moons only!

As for her friend Sophia, I think she has a writing career ahead of her, with her convincingly creative mind.

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