Lunch Bunch

Claire was selected by her first grade teacher as Star Girl of the Week this week.  Claire and the Star Boy of the Week, Wilder, get to have lunch in the classroom with their teacher on Friday.  This coveted spot is called Lunch Bunch.  Claire tells us that you get to be a Start of the Week by listening well and not interrupting the teacher.

Some interesting background here… Claire and Wilder had the same kindergarten teacher, Ms. B, last year.  Besides Claire and Wilder, two other kids in Claire’s first grade class also had Ms. B last year, making a total of four kids in Claire’s current first grade class who had Ms. B for kindergarten.  So far in first grade, a total of four Stars of the Week have been selected. And every one of them had Ms. B for kindergarten.  Yes, Ms. B’s small contingent has 100% dominated the Star of the Week tally so far for first grade.  This might tell you something about Claire’s kindergarten teacher, Ms. B.  She sure did run a tight ship.  And by the way, she was no tyrant.  I never heard about so much as an unkind or perturbed word from her.  In fact, the kids generally had a lot of fun in her class.  She just ran a tight ship.

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