Kit had the idea to take pictures and generally track today as sort of a “typical Sunday”, if there is such a thing, for the blog.  I liked the idea.  I’m going to keep the words short and let the pictures do the talking, except to say that these pictures make it look like we live of life of diversion and leisure.  I can assure you, we do not.  This happened to be a really fun, nice day with the girls.  This weekend also involved me and Kit juggling kid duty while the other one went into work (including my secret project), and by general fatigue and sometimes grumpiness on everyone’s part.  Still, a nice day like this goes a long way towards recovering from the rigors of a busy work/school week, and we are lucky to have these girls to make days like these possible.  (Do you really think that Kit and I would have made cake pops and gone to the playground if it was just the two of us?)

Two funny highlights that popped out were (1) the cake pop filling that looked like cat poo and which Claire got me to eat, and (2) Kit commenting over dinner that the watermelon was “gamey”, which was just hilarious because it was oddly sort of true but also not (being watermelon and all).

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