Chicken or Sock?

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that you were given the following choices for dinner.

  1. A charcoal-grilled chicken with fresh oregano and cracked pepper seasoning, grilled onion, jasmine rice, and black beans
  2. A day-old used sock

For most of us, the choice would be easy, especially for the delicious chicken we picked up from Fresca’s.

However — and perhaps this should not come as a complete surprise — Molly chose option #2 tonight.  She passed up the fresh chicken meal and opted instead to take off her left sock, wad it up, stick it in her mouth, and chew.  After a bit of convincing and struggling, we extracted the tiny sock from Molly’s mouth.  After removing the sock, Molly still refused to eat her chicken and hoped to put her sock back on, but it was too moist from saliva and needed to go into the laundry.  It is a good thing that we did not have ketchup out on the table tonight, or we surely would have had red-stained socks to clean, but I’m sure the sock would have been more flavorful.

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