Claire with her brand new glasses
Claire with her brand new glasses

Several months ago, Claire’s optometrist determined that Claire could sorta of, maybe use some vision correction.  Claire could see pretty well, but not perfectly, so we might want to get her into some glasses to help with school.  We thought it would be best to get her glasses before first grade starts instead of adjusting to them in the middle of school.  Well, we got Claire her glasses just in the nick of time, with two business days to spare before school starts.

For her part, Claire has been very excited to get her first pair of glasses.  These days, unlike when Kit and I were kids, glasses come in cool, fashionable styles and colors and look really good even on kids.  In fact, Claire could not wait to get her glasses, and when she did have them, she wanted to wear them a lot and even sleep with them in her bed.  I do not remember feeling that way about my glasses as a kid!

Claire looks good in her glasses, working a nice geek-chic look.  She even looks a little bit like Tina Fey.

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